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SeriousGaming.nl is specialized in the design of applied games. Our games are designed to change people’s behavior, engage and motivate them.


  • Applied Games

    Applied games are referred to with a number of different names. You may have heard about serious games, exergames, edutainment, gamification, etc. These terms all refer to the use of game principles in a strategic way in order to make a process more accessible and fun. This can be done in a lot of different gradations and for different goals. Examples of applications in healthcare include rehab and wellness, therapy, training and coaching, patient empowerment and medication adherence. The one element connecting all types of applied games is that they are more efficient, more cost-effective and more fun than conventional solutions.

    Why applied games are so effective?


Games for Healthcare, Corporates and Education

Our industry focus is on Healthcare, Corporate and Education
The games will positively contribute to the current business models that nowadays are often in decline. Or you might even tap into totally new business models. The business domains we work for are Healthcare, Corporates and Education.


Games that support chronically ill children

@AMC-Academisch Medisch Centrum in amsterdam 2008
The project aims to develop a serious game for one of the toughest groups of chronically ill children. Three problems that these young patients are likely to have were signaled that serious gaming could be a possible tool to combat them.


Games for Health Europe 2016

6th Annual Conference was hold on 31 October & 1 November in the Netherlands.
More information can be found on our Games for Health Europe website.


Learn more  Games for Health Europe Website



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