Creating fun and engaging experiences that improve health and well-being

Games for Health Projects is a creative team of a wonderful mixture of game developers, designers, health care professionals and technology enthusiasts

Why / How / What

WHY : We believe in flexible people and adaptive organizations that are capable of proactively dealing with a rapidly changing world.

HOW : Every journey is a journey towards something; a purpose, a goal, a vision. And it always starts with a single step. We believe in reverse engineering journeys towards achievements. We define success in order to figure out what steps will take us there. We believe, we strive, we succeed.

WHAT : We transform people and organizations. We don’t improve processes, we change systems. We believe in building adaptive ecosystems capable of dealing with ever-changing scenarios. May your purpose be defined, and your actions meaningful.

Healthcare / Corporates / Education

The games will positively contribute to the current business models that nowadays are often in decline. Or you might even tap into totally new business models. The business domains we work for are Healthcare, Corporates and Education.


The aging demographic and higher prevalence of chronic diseases, put pressure on healthcare providers to cut costs and increase efficiency. Mobile applications for healthcare aspects such as coaching, patient self-management, remote patient monitoring and rehabilitation & coaching apps form an ever larger part of the solution.

A key aspect of improving healthcare is not necessarily the development of better therapies or the development and research of new medicine; keeping people motivated to follow subscribed therapies is thought to have a much greater impact. This is exactly where applied gaming comes into play, as its core quality is the ability to change behavior.

Applied games can be implemented for many different purposes such as therapy, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, training and simulation, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness/mental conditions, cognitive functioning, education and physical fitness. © 2017 | All Rights Reserved is powered by Games for Health Projects