• Jurriaan van Rijswijk

    Jurriaan van Rijswijk, MSc, is the founding chairman of Games for Health Europe, leading applied games solution in the Netherlands and beyond. For more than eighteen years producing and publishing applied games is Jurriaan’s main professional focus. He is the digital architect of applied games.

    Pinpointed as the first game consultant in the Netherlands. He started in 1981 with gaming by programming Pong on his Sinclair ZX81 spectrum mounted to a black and white TV. He focused during his study at the Wageningen University on climatologically models and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In his first job, he let people literally play with business and process models. The first ‘real’ serious game he was involved developing was for the second World Water Forum in 1996 organized by the UN.

    For more than fifteen years (serious) gaming is Jurriaan’s main professional focus. He knows what’s going on in the mass consumer on-line gaming market and in the industry for applied games. He is an independent producer of more than 300 (serious) games and he is a serial entrepreneur.

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    ・Games producer
    ・Massive Multiplay Online Roleplaying Games
    ・Serious games
    ・Games for marketing communication and sales


     ICT Personality Award, 2014
    The IT Personality Award is presented to a person who promotes the use of ICT in business, non-profit and government and therefore deserves recognition.



Interview – Jurriaan van Rijswijk – RTV Utrecht

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