The language-based adventure game

Checkout is the first educational game that is designed to learn English. The game is a so called language-based adventure. The story takes place on a holiday island. Two to four players must use their growing knowledge of the English language, their own PC and work together to successfully complete assignments. A strong appeal is made to the speaking and listening skills of the student missions.

Pupils go in Checkout adventure on a holiday island, as a group of stranded students. It is important to earn money to pay for a boat trip home. Fortunately, the locals not too lazy to offer to work in the form of contracts, called missions. Manage your students to bring these challenges to a successful conclusion and the group of students again to get home?

The three missions, each lasting 30 minutes. There is fixed chronological order so that they can be played anywhere. The teacher can thus choose any mission for his students. Each mission has a different level. If a student has completed all missions, he (or she) thus the final scene unlocked and the game is over. The missions can be played excellently during the contact, but also abroad. The game is designed so that all missions can be completed in one lesson block of eight to ten weeks.


Sector: Education
Category: Learning a language 
Type: Self-motivation & Collaborative learning
Client: Maatschappelijke Sectoren & ICT
Genre: Simulation
Platform: PC
1. Lowering the threshold to actively communicate in practical English
2. The four Receptive language skills (reading and listening) and deepen productive (writing and speaking)
3. Emphasis on speaking and listening communication skills
4. Increase vocabulary

Target group: Students of the upper-level classes of school: VMBO, MBO and HAVO / VWO
Development partner: RANJ
Launch date: March 2012 © 2017 | All Rights Reserved is powered by Games for Health Projects