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Patient-centered and cost-conscious decision making

Practice makes perfect!
A fine medical professional has the proper knowledge and training, but even more important: a lot of experience. Geriatrix makes it possible for professionals in training to practice with a broad variety of case studies, so they can gain experience in a limited timeframe.

How does it work?
In the game, the physician is presented with patients. When helping these patients, he must keep three factors in mind: medical effectiveness, desirability for the patient, and cost-effectiveness. The better his actions, the more points he scores. The choices the physician makes are recorded so they can be discussed in a group setting. Educational institutions can add their own case studies to the game so they can give direction to the learning objectives.

Practice clinical reasoning in a challenging game environment
Geriatrix is a stimulating and challenging game environment where physicians (in training) can practice clinical reasoning: linking personal observations and interpretations to medical knowledge in order to determine the treatment trajectory. In the game the physician is expected to act in the best interest of the patient and take his personal situation into account, while also factoring in the costs for different treatment options. Geriatrix is a sequel to the game that had been proven (1) effective by Radboudumc as part of the curriculum Medicine in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

IN(1) V.d. Pol M. et al. J Am Geriatric Soc 2014. In Press; Lagro J. Et al, J Am Direct 2014.


Sector: Healthcare
Category: Training
Type: Clinical reasoning
Partner: Radboudumc
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Web
Goal: Make informed medical decisions
Target group: Medical students, doctors in training
Region: The Netherlands
Development partner: Little Chicken
Launch date:


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