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The enterpreneurs game

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Learning and training entrepreneurial skills through a serious game is not just hot, it is also highly efficient and effective. At the same time, gaming is entirely in line with the lifestyle of vocational education students. The Entrepreneurs Game will stimulate both the drive and the competencies needed for entrepreneurship. Serious games in education are fun. They will stimulate students to ask questions and will make learning more attractive.

• Developed in collaboration with Educational Institutions
• Based on entrepreneur competency profiles
• Strengthens the relation between theory and practice
• Allows unlimited number of player groups
• May be played during and outside contact hours

Awards and nominations
• Nomination for the Dutch IT Innovation award 2007
• Nomination for the Dutch Spin award 2007


Sector: Education
Category: Business
Type: Learning Entrepreneurial skills
Client: ROC West Brabant
Genre: Strategy
Platform: Online Multi player game
Goal: To give students a realistic and motivating experience of running their own business
Target group: Students who are in their 3rd or 4th year of their training. MBOs and VMBO
Development partner: RANJ
Publisher: Games Factory Online
Launch date: 2007




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