Aviation Empire



Rule the skies with the 3D strategic airline game!

Why this game?
The development of this game is a logical step in KLM’s digital evolution. KLM has already proven its pioneering credentials by being one of the first airlines to offer a 24 hour social media service and by being the first to launch the innovative Meet & Seat service. Aviation Empire fits these innovations perfectly, combining KLM’s time-honoured trail-blazing with the new, digital realm. The game is part of KLM’s “acts not ads” strategy and fulfils their ambition of interacting not only with passengers, but also non-passengers and (young) future passengers.
Aviation Empire was developed in two years, through intensive co-creation between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Little Chicken, Monpellier Venture, We Love Your Work and KLM’s 4 million Facebook fans.

How does the game work?
Aviation Empire is a 3D real time strategy game for iOS and Android, which offers players the opportunity to experience the complexity of running an airline from the perspective of KLM’s CEO. The aim of the game: start in 1919 at the foundation of KLM, develop your destinations and expand your fleet by buying new airplanes. Combine a good price/quality ratio with maximum customer satisfaction to create an optimal network of international destinations. Use your business acumen and conquer the world!
Aviation Empire creates a bridge between the real world and the digital world: using the game’s GPS check-in functionality, players can unlock over 70 airports, which are then added to their game network automatically. Using the cloud, games can be continued seamlessly between platforms.
The game’s integration with the largest social networks allows players to share their progress and to compete with their friends, and the whole world.

What are the results?
Aviation Empire is a purely Dutch product with international appeal. The game was downloaded 180.000 times from Appstore and Playstores, without media expenditures and achieving an average score of 4,5 out of 5. It is played by people from 147 countries (out of 195 official countries) with an avarage playing session of 12.5 minutes and an average of over 3 hours spent in the game per user!

(text: Little chicken)


Sector: Corporate
Partner: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Monpellier Venture, Little Chicken Game Company
Genre: Strategy
Platform: iOS / Android
Goal: Brand activation
Target group: Passengers, non-passengers, future passengers
Development partner: Little Chicken
Launch date: June 2013


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