Project Pyramid


Project Pyramid

Project Management Training game

(Text: Games Factory Online)
Online learning by gaming
The educational game ‘Project Pyramid’ teaches your personnel how to implement project management principles effectively. The game is based on project management methods such as PRINCE2®.

Gaming with project management principles
Using games for training is very effective and efficient, and the online project management game Project Pyramid can be played at any time either individually or as a team. The game can also be easily adapted to the specific needs of the organization. Project management is at the core of the game. The game is set in Egypt in the Fourth Dynasty, and the player must build the famous Pyramid of Cheops to enable the pharaoh to take his most valued objects with him into the afterlife. All the aspects of a project have been included in the game, such as the organization of the project structure, risk analysis and risk assessment, taking the appropriate action to manage risk and ensuring that the requirements of the project are met in terms of quality, scope, budget and schedule.

Project Pyramid offers
• How to put project management knowledge and expertise into practice
• Organization of a project structure with the relevant roles, tasks and responsibilities
• Analysis, assessment and prevention of potential risks
• Supervision of the project parameters (budget, schedule, scope and quality)
• Problem-solving

How can the game be used?
• As a tool to implement project management procedures in normal working practices in the organization
• As a project introduction to ensure that all the project members are aware of their tasks within the project
• To assess the knowledge acquired by previous management training (assessment)

Who would benefit from the game?
• The game is suitable as a training software for organizations. Because the game is playable online it is possible to access the training anywhere in the world. Taking the minimal costs of the software in perspective, this way of training is project management is suitable for every employee.

The game is designed to provide insight into the knowledge, skills and actions required in successful project management. Prince2 is a Registred Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.


Sector: Education
Category: Business
Type: Project management
Genre: Strategy
Platform: PC
Goal: To create awareness about climate changes
Target group: Professionals from the business aspects of project management
Development partner: IJsfontain
Publisher: Games Factory Online
Launch date: September 2010

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