Monster Valley


Monster Valley / MyCognition

Gaming can be the solution for cognitive training

Escape from Monster Valley™ is a scientifically-developed applied video game like no other!
Created for school children aged 11 and over, Escape from Monster Valley™ is designed to enhance mental agility in a fun way.

The engaging gameplay is specially programmed to work the core cognitive ‘domains’ responsible for memory, reaction, attention and executive function. Through gameplay, students will enhance their cognition to improve their educational performance.


Sector: Healthcare
Category: Cognition
Type: Providing cognition training
Client: MyCognition
Genre: 3D video game
Goal: To enhance mental agility in a fun way
Target group: Ages 11 and over
Development partners: Little chicken and WeirdBeard
Launch date: Jan 2014 © 2017 | All Rights Reserved is powered by Games for Health Projects