René Luigies

After his medical study at the University of Utrecht, René Luigies (1954) started his career in the marketing for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands. Eager to gain international experience he joined the  US based leading industry on invasive blood pressure monitoring and later the, also US based, worldwide leading company for IABP. Meanwhile (1993) he received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MAB) at Bradford University. With over ten years of experience in business development, and having travelled all over the world, he returned to the Netherlands as commercial director for the oldest Dutch medical supplier. In 2001 he started his own company in the field of health care innovation. Soon he joined Health Valley in the early days and managed several large projects on prevention and innovation for health care insurance companies. Over that period he build an extensive network ranging from medical professionals, health care insurances to (semi) government institutions.

Already during his study he got interested in public relations. For two consecutive years (1976-77) he was the press officer for the Nederlands Studenten Orkest (Dutch Students Orchester), where he made the first steps in the world of public media. As youngster he did several live radio interviews. He always kept a major interest in this world of media and with the rise of social media he soon became addicted to it. For several years he was journalist for a Dutch digital medical publisher and worked as blogger for amongst others TEDX Maastricht. In 2010 he joined the first Games for Health Europe conference as blogger. Six years later he takes the responsibility for all public relations and the organization of this annual international event.

Based on his international business and marketing  experiences, his style of open communication and his fondness for writing he will turn his career completely into the public relations and communications for our organization, with the slogan “you are never too old to learn”. His “moonshot”, to write a book about his personal experience, not intended childlessness for men. © 2017 | All Rights Reserved is powered by Games for Health Projects